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Environmental monitoring in a laboratory is crucial to ensure quality and security, and to comply with more strict legislations. In a lab, commonly monitored measurements are temperature, humidity, pressure and CO2. May that be the ambient temperature in your lab or the temperature of a device such as an incubator.

Choosing the right environmental monitoring platform with the right equipment will enable you to automate a series of actions and rely on them such as collecting your freezer’s temperature or activating remote alerts when your temperature goes below or above your predefined thresholds.

And when it comes to choosing the right EMS solution, Mirrhia ticks all the boxes with MIRRHIA LABS®.

MIRRHIA LABS® - What is great about it...

Here are some of the greatest advantages of our environmental monitoring system:


MIRRHIA LABS® brings together a unique set of features on a single platform that simplifies your daily activities while ensuring optimal monitoring of your laboratory.


MIRRHIA LABS® offers a user-friendly, easy to deploy and fully configurable web interface. It is accessible at any time on a large range of device such as a computer, a mobile or a tablet.


MIRRHIA LABS® provides you with a wide range of equipment to meet the requirements of your laboratory. MIRRHIA LABS® allows you to easily connect and configure that equipment.


All our solutions come with a full range of services and support. We listen to your expectations and are ready to respond to them. 

MIRRHIA LABS® - A unique set of functionalities

With MIRRHIA LABS®, your data are secured and can be accessed remotely. Our focus with this solution is to bring the highest level of security while centralizing your data.

You get full control over your sensors. You can check their status and change their settings online. You also keep your pressure cascades under control to make sure your products are strictly confined.

Thanks to the audit trail, you maintain data integrity by keeping track of any user’s activity, access, modifications made to the system, etc.

At Mirrhia, we work every day on making our solution and the user’s interface the most accessible it can be. We want you to access your data quickly through custom views, dashboards, reports, graphs, charts, etc.


One of the strengths of our MIRRHIA LABS® system is its compatibility with most types of sensors and probes, with the best measurement technologies. There’s no vendor lock-in.

We deliver, configure, and qualify all measurement components and instruments.

As we want you to feel as free as possible, we’ve put together a catalog of all the equipment that we provide, and which is compatible with our environmental solution. If you want to have a look at this catalog, send us a message and receive our catalog via our contact page.


If you need an environmental monitoring solution for your laboratory, you might have a big interest for our alarm chapter.

With MIRRHIA LABS®, you manage alarms notification at any level you want whether it’s a sensor, an equipment, a room, a production area, etc. That allows you to identify quicky when a problem occurs and to take action consequently.

Light beacon flashing, horn activation, alarm reporting, etc. the choice is yours according to your preferences.

A brand new feature has been implemented to Mirrhia which is the Desktop popup notification. Now, you can always know what is happening so that you can intervene in time.

Mirrhia alarm popup notifications


A great asset of our solution is reporting. MIRRHIA LABS® is designed to run reports, to archive and to print it both automatically and on demand.

From displaying data to exporting it, we give you a large choice of format to pick from.

MIRRHIA LABS® - How does it work?

MIRRHIA LABS® - How does it work?

MIRRHIA LABS® - Our environmental monitoring solution for your Laboratory

You got it. Once MIRRHIA LABS® is running, you’re able to monitor almost everything: ambient temperature, temperature equipment, relative humidity, differential pressure, door openings and closings, mobile probes that can be used to monitor transport, and many more, etc.


  • You get access to current and past measurement values to ensure processes in your lab have been executed in the best possible conditions.
  • You follow and trace the fluctuation of any sensor connected to MIRRHIA LABS®.
  • Your reports are available in table or graph form, and you can export and/or automate your personalized reports.
  • You get access to statistics of your measurement data such as mean kinetic temperature.
  • You can easily determine set point, thresholds and delays in your web interface.
  • In case of thresholds being exceeded, you receive notifications of these events and can prevent deviation from ongoing immediately.

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