Mirrhia at LSI in Singapore

Mirrhia and No deviation is a great partnership story between two companies, one in Singapore, the other, well Mirrhia, in Belgium. It is also the story of two men: Nicolas Gilson (Mirrhia) and Pierre Winnepenninckx (Nodeviation). They met at an ISPE event in Singapore in 2019. At the time, Nicolas was traveling the world lookinf for meaningful partners and developing Mirrhia internationally.

No deviation a partner of choice for Mirrhia

At No deviation, you will only find experts with high added value in commissioning and qualification of drug production facilities. The meeting between Nicolas and Pierre could only result in a strategic partnership for the two organizations as they anticipate the expectations of tomorrow from an increasingly regulated industry.

Life Science Incubator

When No deviation came up with the idea to envolve Mirrhia at the Life Sciences Incubator, we couldn't be much happier.

Life Science Incubator is a co-working laboratory open to any start-up active in the sectors of Biotech, Medical, Health and Food and wishing to develop without worrying about operational aspects such as equipment and infrastructure.

Mirrhia is honored to be part of this project and can only wish a bright future to all the start-ups that trample on the LSI.

Environmental monitoring with Mirrhia LABS®

Historically, Mirrhia has sought to adapt, to continuously evolve to meet the needs of its customers. Laboratories face very different realities from those of large production units in pharmaceutical companies. The reality on the ground, whether in terms of infrastructure, equipment, regulations or even budgets, is often very different.

Connect your sensors with Mirrhia LABS®


Mirrhia Labs® offers laboratories like those you will find at LSI, flawless environmental monitoring. It is a turnkey solution that allows you to use radio frequency, Wi-Fi and / or wired equipment. Deployment is quick and easy.

If there is one advantage with Mirrhia for LSI tenants, it surely the design and the user-friendly interface Mirrhia offers. They will find in Mirrhia an ergonomic platform that is fully configurable. We will say it over and over again: the possibilities are endless! On top of it, Mirrhia is accessible at any time on desktop, mobile or tablet!

Are you looking for an environmental monitoring system for your laboratory?

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