Mirrhia and No deviation

Today, we’d like to share the story of Mirrhia and No deviation’s partnership. It all started with the meeting of two men: Nicolas Gilson, Head of Sales at Mirrhia and Pierre Winnepenninckx, CEO at No deviation.

How it all started?

A couple of years ago, Nicolas (Mirrhia) was travelling around the world looking for partners in order to position Mirrhia in EMEA, APAC and on the American continent.

In 2019, Nicolas took a flight to India for partners’ prospection and ended up in Singapore.

Nicolas met Pierre (No deviation) during an ISPE event as Pierre is part of the local chapter. Pierre, on his side, was (and always is) looking for meaningful partnerships to provide to the pharmaceutical company’s cutting-edge solutions to ensure patient safety.

What is the added value of this partnership?

No deviation is a precious partner from a strategic point of view as No deviation intervenes upstream for the commissioning and qualification of drug production facilities. On top of being proactive and excellent at what they do, No deviation actively contributes to the roadmap of the Mirrhia EMS to anticipate the expectation of the GMP regulated industries.

What is the first sign that Mirrhia saw in No deviation as an opportunity to become a partner?

The first thing that comes in our mind at Mirrhia is that No deviation is a hyper dynamic company with a solid presence in APAC.

Everyone at No deviation has a solid knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry in regards of Quality and regulatory expectations. Everyone has a clear vision of what the clients’ needs are to keep their environment under control and anticipate deviation. Therefore, we know that No deviation will position Mirrhia at its best in the interest of its clients.

In regards of business growth and new projects, No deviation is also a solid partner, always ahead when it comes to know about a new production unit construction.

What is the first sign that No deviation saw in Mirrhia as an opportunity to become a partner?

Upon meeting with Nicolas and discovering Mirrhia, Pierre immediately recognized the solution’s potential to simplify environmental monitoring while increasing the level of compliance of pharmaceutical labs and facilities. Mirrhia is also highly flexible and scalable and thus accelerates the implementation of an environmental monitoring system while also reducing the costs. Partnering with Mirrhia emerged as a great opportunity to support the growing pool of startups present in Singapore and Asia with a robust and agile solution, to bring additional value to our clients in the life sciences sector and ultimately to all of us as patients.

What are the perspectives of such a partnership?

As a short-term perspective, we can both expect our business to grow in Singapore thanks to the Life Science Incubator in Singapore where Mirrhia is deployed. It’s an amazing project and we’re looking forward to the opening day. We’re both expecting knock-on effect across APAC resulting in other development projects.

As we said before, No deviation has a great knowledge of its clients’ needs. We’re hoping to bring even more advanced functionalities to our software’s and therefore to respond even better to GMPs expectations but above all to our customers.

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