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We can all agree on this: Covid-19 has significantly changed our work habits and has had a major impact on workers’ feeling of safety at work. Going to work fearing to contract the virus with its share of consequences on the rest of the teams or on families has become a tough reality to live with. The human resources teams must show understanding and empathy. Not to mention the management who must be creative to maintain maximum activity or in any case, limit the damage.

This is what led Mirrhia to offer a solution that beyond Covid, offers companies the possibility of guaranteeing a healthy and safe working environment: Mirrhia PROTECT®.


What is Mirrhia PROTECT®?


Mirrhia PROTECT® is the combination of Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) software with a real-time monitoring equipment of contaminants, pollutants, or viruses (such as Covid-19).

Mirrhia PROTECT® is:

  • A cloud-based platform
  • A global solution that monitors critical parameters
  • Equipment that measures the level of contaminants, pollutants, or viruses in the atmosphere.

Mirrhia PROTECT® can for instance, monitor the concentration of a dangerous gas for your workers or detect the presence of Covid-19 in your buildings. You get immediately alerted in case of danger and you can then engage your incident management process related to the safety and health of your workers.


Why Mirrhia PROTECT®?


With our Mirrhia PROTECT® solution, you reduce the risk of contagion, contamination, or explosion thanks to our real-time alert notification system. The person in charge of health and safety in your company is immediately notified and can take the appropriate measures.

Mirrhia PROTECT® allows you to find peace of mind in your company and protect your employees.


Mirrhia PROTECT®, for who?


By choosing Mirrhia PROTECT® today, you guarantee the safety of your workers not only in production units, in storage or in warehouses but also in buildings that bring together a large number of workers.
Whether in a performance hall or in an administration, in a production site with a high human density or in a meeting room, you can install Mirrhia PROTECT® everywhere and reassure your staff.


Mirrhia PROTECT®, the advantages?


  • You get access to your data via a web-browser.
  • Mirrhia PROTECT® is a Wi-Fi solution that allows you to collect data in real time.
  • No need for an IT infrastructure
  • Your data is accessible whenever and wherever you want
  • Your data is centralized, so you can install multiple devices in each of your buildings wherever they are and centralize your data in a unique interface.


Find serenity at work, choose Mirrhia PROTECT®


Protect your teams from any risk of contagion or contamination. Recreate a healthy environment where everyone feels safe and reassured thanks to Mirrhia PROTECT®.

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