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Control humidity & temperature with our environmental monitoring solution for laboratories



Discover our robust Environmental Monitoring System for the pharmaceutical industry.



Digitize your microbiologist traceability campaigns with MIRRHIA MICROBIO®. No more paper. 

Mirrhia Microbio®

LABGUARD® Migration

Ensures the continuity of your LABGUARD® equipment and installation with Mirrhia.

LABGUARD® Migration
With Mirrhia

Get the Most Out of Your EMS

Mirrhia is a monitoring system, centrally validated, configurable, scalable and open to control all critical parameters 

  • Open to any type of equipment, sensors or probes
  • Centralized measurement acquisition speed
  • All your data centralized, structured and available
  • Access your system anywhere, anytime & on any devices
  • Highly configurable reporting
  • Possible evolution without system shutdown
  • Global cost of the installation kept under control
  • Easy maintenance
  • Full compliance with regulations

Exclusive Characteristics

Mirrhia is among the most high-performing Environmental Monitoring System solutions on the market thanks to a bunch of amazing functionalities


  • Smart alarms and notification management
  • Multiple set of thresholds and delays, meta-alarms
  • Efficient acknowledgement with pre-defined of free comments
  • Notification via beacons, buzzers, sms, e-mails


  • Automated location
  • Download data from your mobile particle counters
  • Start or stop your counters remotely and automatically


  • Complete lifecycle management and traceability of Petri dishes, from in-area sampling to lab analysis
  • Control of plates, samples, operators, transports
  • Timers management with notification
  • Results structured and inserted in your electronic batch report


  • Status and certificates management
  • Real time view of calibration status
  • Alarms


  • Manage operation, rest or cleaning mode to avoid false alarms
  • Unlimited number of configurable maps and lists, with easy drag & drop editing
  • User friendly and ergonomic web-based interface, on all your devices
  • Task manager for an efficient follow-up


  • Standard and customizable reports
  • Batch reports management
  • Analysis, trends and charts
  • Exportable in many formats
  • Schedule your reports
Compatibility with

Any Parameters & Any Equipment

The open architecture of Mirrhia allows the acquisition of data from any type of equipment, sensors or probes.

Mirrhia is an autonomous monitoring solution, centrally validated, configurable, extensible and open to monitor all your critical parameters.

Mirrhia has been designed to monitor all your facilities, clean rooms, warehouses, labs/QC, compounding labs, filling lines, blood/tissue banks, clinical pharmacies, isolation rooms, surgery rooms, fertility center…

Mirrhia offers in one single platform on the field alarm signalling and consolidated dashboard to keep an overview of your facilities anywhere, anytime & on any device

A state-of-the-art solution

An EMS With Amazing Features

Mirrhia offers amazing features which will improve your company’s performance but above all will ensure safety.

Electronic Batch Record

Monitor your equipment & environment and generate your Electronic Batch Record automatically.

Predictive Maintenance

Mirrhia implements the best decision rules to detect out-of-control conditions and generate smart notifications.

Contamination Management

Mirrhia natively supports mobile and fixed particle counters, and air samplers from the market.

Qualified Solution

Mirrhia is pre-qualified allowing minimal deployment effort on-site. It is FDA 21 CFR part 11 & EU Annex 11 ready. 

High Compatibility

Mirrhia is compatible with all major brands of probes, sensors and equipment. Its architecture is highly flexible.

Global Solution

Manage all your sites, clean rooms, storages or warehouses in one single platform. Keep your GMP facilities under control.

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