Mirrhia is active in the Pharmaceutical industry, in hospitals, food, cosmetics

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We provide custom environmental monitoring systems for the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, laboratories, food, and cosmetics.

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Pharma Industry

MIRRHIA FACILITY®  offers a robust environmental monitoring system to meet the numerous and complex challenges of the pharmaceutical industry. Looking for info on EMS in pharmaceutical industry ? You’re at the right place !


In a lab, commonly monitored measurements are temperature, humidity, pressure and CO2. With MIRRHIA LABS® you’re able to monitor almost everything. We’ll give you all the information on environmental monitoring systems for laboratory


Mirrhia has been deployed in countless hospitals in the world wether it is for the environmental monitoring of the entire hospital or of a surgery room, a fertily center, a blood bank…


Mirrhia offers a state-of-the-art environmental monitoring solution to its food customers whether it is for the monitoring of your storage, of a warehouse, of a lab or a production unit.


Mirrhia offers an off-the-shelf environmental monitoring solution to the customers active in cosmetic whether it is for the monitoring of your storage, of a warehouse, of a lab or of a production unit. If you’re looking for information on cosmetic temperature monitoring system for instance, we’ll be happy to discuss with you.

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Control humidity & temperature with our environmental monitoring solution for laboratories



Discover our robust Environmental Monitoring System for the pharmaceutical industry.



Digitize your microbiologist traceability campaigns with MIRRHIA MICROBIO®. No more paper. 

Mirrhia Microbio®

LABGUARD® Migration

Ensures the continuity of your LABGUARD® equipment and installation with Mirrhia.

LABGUARD® Migration
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