Monitor your critical parameters with our

Environmental Monitoring System (EMS)

An Off-The-Shelf Qualified EMS

Optimize your pharmaceutical facility monitoring with our off-the-shelf qualified EMS, ensuring regulatory compliance and efficiency in your data management.

Multi-technology & Multi-site

Empower your operations with Mirrhia’s multi-technology and multi-site capabilities for comprehensive environmental monitoring across your company.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance with Mirrhia. Our EMS aligns with the strictest standards such as 21 CFR Part 11, Annex 11, GAMP 5…

Achieveing Excellence

An EMS Solution for Everyone


Control humidity & temperature with our environmental monitoring solution for laboratories



Discover our robust Environmental Monitoring System for the pharmaceutical industry.



Digitize your microbiologist traceability campaigns with MIRRHIA MICROBIO®. No more paper. 

Mirrhia Microbio®

LABGUARD® Migration

Ensure the continuity of your LABGUARD® equipment and installation with Mirrhia.

LABGUARD® Migration
Unique FEatures for

Data Integrity & Product Quality


Securely and chronologically record all your activities and the modifications made in the system.


Store and provide access to a comprehensive history of collected data over a specified period. Track the evolution of your environmental parameters over time.


Store and secure your data thanks to authentication, encryption, and access control.


Generate customized reports from collected data to document your regulatory compliance, for internal use, audit and inspections.

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Arrival of Etienne Van den Bogaert as Managing Director
Mirrhia Team 02 Jul 2024

Arrival of Etienne Van den Bogaert as Managing Director

His appointment marks an exciting step for Mirrhia as we seek to strengthen our presence and impact in the international environmental monitoring market.
Mirrhia 2.4 is coming
29 Mar 2024

Mirrhia 2.4 is coming

Our brand-new Mirrhia is out soon. Book your demo now !
Data Integrity in The Pharmaceutical Industry
Data Integrity and Regulation 26 Mar 2024

Data Integrity in The Pharmaceutical Industry

Data integrity in pharmaceuticals refers to the quality and reliability of data used in all stages of drug development, production, quality control and distribution.
Up to


years of experience at the service of the Life Science industry

The most high-performing EMS

An Off-The-Shelf Solution

Mirrhia is an independent solution deployed in over 3500 controlled environments worldwide,  meeting the strictest regulatory standards.

our industries

Our Expertise at Your Service

And this regardless of the sector you belong to. We are proud to be present and active in dynamic and ever-evolving industries such as the Pharmaceutical Industry, Hospitals, Laboratories, Food, Cosmetics…

Pharma Industry

In need of an EMS for your pharmaceutical company?


Mirrhia is deployed in hospitals around the world…


With MIRRHIA LABS®, you can monitor almost everything…


Mirrhia offers solutions tailored to the food industry.


Mirrhia offers an off-the-shelf EMS solution for cosmetics.

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