LABGUARD® MIGRATION – Integrate LABGUARD® with Mirrhia

Are you looking for a solution to keep using your LABGUARD® 2 and 3D equipment?

Integrate LABGUARD® With Mirrhia

Mirrhia provides you with a solution that ensures the continuity of your LABGUARD® installation and of your environmental monitoring thanks to a simple software migration without any data loss.

Your migration to Mirrhia in 3 steps

The migration to Mirrhia is done remotely and will take place in 3 automated steps:

  • Step 1 – Installation and configuration of Mirrhia
  • Step 2 – Activation of your LABGUARD® (Labguard 2 and Labguard 3D) equipment in Mirrhia
  • Step 3 – Migration of your historical data to Mirrhia


What’s Great About it

Mirrhia brings together a unique set of features on a single platform

Real-time Monitoring, Notification & Alarms

Qualified Reporting & Audit Trail

Browsing Through Tree Structure & 2D Maps

Easy & Integrated User Management

Mirrhia provides access to new features that make your daily activities easier

Easy Calibration Management

Electronic Batch Records Management

Access to Predictive Maintenance

Task Management & Much More


Keep Using Your LABGUARD® Equipment

By choosing our Mirrhia monitoring solution, you automatically integrate your existing equipment (L2 and L3D).
Thanks to Mirrhia, you get a return on your initial investment. You control your costs.

Expand your current monitoring solution by adding new equipment

Through its strategic positioning, Mirrhia also offers you the possibility of expanding your existing equipment and does this in a very flexible way.

Combine LABGUARD® 2 and/or 3D equipment with new equipment or start fresh with Mirrhia’s equipment only, the decision is yours, we are flexible and make it happen.

Moreover, Mirrhia is compatible with a wide range of sensors and gives you access to cutting-edge technology that meets your connectivity needs (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or radio frequency).

services & Support

Your Single Point of Contact

Mirrhia offers all the services and support solutions you need. Mirrhia is your single point of contact listening to your expectations and ready to exceed them.


By choosing Mirrhia, you will receive support that is tailored to your specific needs. Our support offer comprises 3 formulas: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Whichever you choose, our Mirrhia hotline is always included and at your service.

Calibration and thermal mapping

Mirrhia offers calibration services may that be on your premises, or, if you prefer us calibrating your reference probe for you, by sending it in. Our metrology offer comprises the calibration of all types of probes supported by our software (temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2…). We offer both accredited calibrations and connected calibrations.

Mirrhia also covers your temperature mapping needs according to the standards: FDX 15-140 & CEI IEC 60068-3-6.


Keep using LABGUARD®

Ensure the Continuity of Your Activity

Keep using your LABGUARD® equipment thanks to Mirrhia. Mirrhia also supports you with additions to your current monitoring equipment and offers you the latest technologies. With our software, you get access to new features that will become essential for you! Finally, Mirrhia offers you the best support with formulas adapted to your organization.

Be smart and switch to Mirrhia now! Our team is at your disposal to support you in this transition.


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