MIRRHIA MICROBIO® – Digitize your microbiological campaigns

Digitize your microbiologist traceability campaigns with our paperless solution
MIRRHIA microbio®

Digitalize Your Microbiological Campaigns

  • Paperless processes
  • Minimization of errors
  • Data traceability and integration with LIMS
  • Real-time EM program supervision

Ready to take your microbiological campaigns to the newt level? Welcome into the digital age with MIRRHIA MICROBIO® – this innovative, efficient, and secure Mirrhia solution. By choosing MIRRHIA MICROBIO® today, you’ll embrace a transformative journey towards excellence.

At Mirrhia, we are so proud to present MIRRHIA MICROBIO®, an avant-garde solution poised to elevate and streamline your microbiological campaigns through seamless digitalization. In an era where efficiency and precision are paramount, MIRRHIA MICROBIO® emerges as the quintessential platform to transcend conventional methodologies and embrace a forward-thinking approach.

mirrhia microbio®

What’s Great About it

Web Browser: MIRRHIA MICROBIO® provides a user-friendly web browser interface, offering easy accessibility and convenience for users to manage and oversee microbiological processes.

WIFI for Real-Time Data Acquisition: Leveraging WiFi technology, MIRRHIA MICROBIO® ensures real-time data acquisition, enabling instant updates and communication of critical information throughout the microbiological campaigns.

Hardware-Free for Flexibility and IT Management: MIRRHIA MICROBIO® stands out by being hardware-free, contributing to enhanced flexibility in laboratory operations. This not only simplifies the setup process but also allows for more efficient IT management.

LIMS Integration: Seamlessly integrating with Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), MIRRHIA MICROBIO® enhances the overall efficiency of laboratory workflows by providing a cohesive platform for managing and organizing microbiological data. This integration ensures a smooth exchange of information between Mirrhia Microbio and existing LIMS solutions.

mirrhia microbio®

A Unique Set of Key Features

MIRRHIA MICROBIO® is an off-the-shelf solution, a packaged solution. From sample tracking to comprehensive data analysis, MIRRHIA MICROBIO® empowers you to make well-informed decisions supported by meticulously curated and reliable data.

MIRRHIA MICROBIO®’s advanced features to attain unparalleled accuracy in every facet of your microbiological campaigns.


  • Elaborate sample schedule
  • Assign sampling activities.


  • Prepare the materials
  • Prepare media plates
  • Prepare Labels

Sample Collection

  • Identify the samples
  • Collect samples

Sample Transport

  • Transport samples from manufacture buildings to QC

Sample Reception

  • Sample reception
  • Incubate samples at correct temperature

Reading & Approval

  • Examine & count colonies
  • Register the count result in Mirrhia
  • Send the result to manager for approval

Data Reporting

  • Generate data reporting
  • Ingration with LIMS
MIRRHIA MICROBIO® - How does it work ?
Mirrhia Microbio®

How Does it Work ?

you tou got it. Once MIRRHIA MICROBIO® is running, you’re able to digitalize the entire process and most importantly trace your microbiological campaigns in a robust and flexible solution.


  • You develop a monitoring plan with a sample schedule, assign sampling activities.
  • You implement decision rules for out-of-control conditions and generate smart notifications.
  • You identify and collect samples, then register sample information.
  • You transport samples from manufacturing buildings to QC.
  • You verify and incubate samples at the correct temperature.
  • You examine, count colonies, and register results; then send results for manager approval.
  • You record data in LIMS and spreadsheets for analysis.
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