LFB trusts Mirrhia for its EMS

Success Story: LFB trusts Mirrhia for the environmental monitoring of three of its buildings.

The other day, I had the pleasure to talk to Jérémie Dufour, industrial computer engineer at LFB. It was an opportunity to discover why our customers choose Mirrhia and why they trust us and our environmental monitoring solution.

Could you tell us what the purpose of LFB is?

LFB SA, a French fractionation and biotechnology laboratory, was created in 2006, but it has been active in the manufacture of drugs from blood plasma since 1994. These medicines are mainly given to patients with rare diseases, especially blood diseases. LFB has a major impact in therapeutic areas such as immunology, hemostasis, and intensive care.

On the site of Lille in France, we mainly carry out the purification of intermediate products which come from our Ulis site with distribution in vials, bags or syringes and freeze-drying.


What is the main challenge for LFB to which Mirrhia responded regarding environmental monitoring?

The main problem is to be able to monitor the condition of our premises, to ensure that they are clean, that the pressure cascades are functional, and that the particle counting is carried out correctly. The challenge is to ensure the aseptic condition of our production areas and to monitor this condition in real time. It is also important for LFB to be able to go back in time to understand what happened in the event of a deviation, for example.

The most critical is to get access to our data in real time. This is what allows us to react quickly in the event of a deviation or detection of an anomaly. It is also essential for LFB to ensure the integrity of our data, to be able to keep it for the long term, to be able to consult and access it easily.

Is that what made you choose our EMS Mirrhia?


Why did LFB choose Mirrhia as its environmental monitoring system (EMS)?

I remember it very well as I was there when the choice was made to migrate to Mirrhia. At LFB, we were used to a tailor-made SCADA PLC system. It was not a system fully dedicated to environmental monitoring. We started to encounter problems related on the one hand to our growth and on the other hand to the evolution of environmental monitoring itself such as the fact that we are monitoring more and more things. And finally, many of our premises were still operating with analog nanometers (Magnehelic).

Environmental monitoring took up a lot of space and the SCADA part was no longer suitable to our growth. Each time a measurement was added, modifications had to be made to the PLC program and to the supervision program. You can imagine the extremely laborious qualification effort that must be carried out.

While we thought about migrating our first dispatch building, we really asked ourselves the question: “Do we put back a SCADA or do we go for a solution dedicated to environmental monitoring? “

That’s when we got to know Mirrhia, during a presentation of the EMS system. We really liked the product. We immediately noticed the time saving thanks to the ease of configuration of Mirrhia, the time saved when adding measurement points and the flexibility of this solution.

We were pleased to work with a tool dedicated to environmental monitoring and a system designed for GMP data. So, there is a whole series of questions we should no longer ask ourselves and actions we should no longer take.

In terms of qualification, Mirrhia saved us a lot of time. At the level of the GAMP5 category, we got a category 4 software, a pre-qualified product. This is a huge time saver for us.

Then we had to migrate another building and then another workshop. As we were very satisfied with both the use of Mirrhia and the maintenance, the question did not even arise. We chose to standardize all the environmental monitoring part of our site in Lille with Mirrhia. For us, Mirrhia is clearly a reliable tool and of course it still is.

Today we have three Mirrhia systems running on our site, and we are very happy with it.

What is the biggest impact of Mirrhia on your daily life?

It certainly is saving time on qualification and then somewhere saving time on maintenance. As I said, it is a reliable tool compared to what we had at the time and that translates into less preventive maintenance but above all less curative maintenance.

For some buildings, there have been many extensions over the years. Mirrhia has remained at the same level of reliability and stability despite the increase of data.

What other benefits have you spotted?

The modular aspect of the product is a big advantage.

The fact that it is possible to add, modify, delete measuring points without modification in the PLC program is a real plus. It allows a better visibility of the modifications that were made and above all a great ease of use!

The reports generated are very clear and usable.

Thanks to Mirrhia, users have great control over their installation. They less frequently need to call an automation engineer.

Using alarm history is simple and intuitive.

Regarding documentation, the Mirrhia documents are complete, of a great help, and have the big advantage of being in French and English!

In terms of quality, the Mirrhia Quality system is perfectly accomplished. This allows the technical validation to enhance the FAT and SAT protocols to limit the IQ / OQ part on the LFB side.

At the after-sales service level, Mirrhia’s teams are attentive and always ready to investigate any problem encountered and to provide relevant solutions.

How many users are using Mirrhia so far?

We have just over a hundred Mirrhia users. This encompasses all production operators who must be able to connect to Mirrhia for example to output a report and possibly comment on alarms, etc.

What could you say to companies that are in the process of choosing an EMS?

What we can tell them is that LFB is very happy with Mirrhia. The team listened to our needs. Mirrhia is also a very stable and reliable tool that we are happy with.

A little story or an anecdote?

A power cut occurred some time ago with Mirrhia already in place of course. And as you know, servers don’t like cuts. When this happened, Mirrhia was the first restarted without human intervention. That’s saying it all!

Thank you Jérémie for your participation and to LFB for its trust.

More information about Mirrhia?

Do you want to know more about our environmental monitoring solution? Why and how to easily migrate from a SCADA solution to Mirrhia? Our experts can help you. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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